3 Signs You Are Suffering from a Sinus Headache and not a Migraine


3 Signs You Are Suffering from a Sinus Headache and not a Migraine


With allergy and sinus season in full swing, symptoms flaring up can be a real pain, literally. The most common symptom is the sinus headache. The question is, is it really a sinus headache or migraine? Here’s how you can tell the difference between a sinus headache and migraine.

Location of Pain
Determining the location of your pain is key to figuring out what type of headache you are suffering from. In most cases migraine headaches can occur in groups, either on one side of the head or making its presence at the front, top or back of the head. Usually the pain can make its way towards the neck and cause your face to be in pain. Typically, sinus headaches have some type of effect on the facial area where the sinuses are located. The pain can appear in:

• areas of the cheek
• the bridge of the nose
• above the eyes

Now that we have distinguished the difference between a migraine and sinus headache, let’s discuss what triggers them. Sinus headaches are caused by allergies or common cold. When the nose is blocked, it causes congestion of the mucus in the sinus area which stops it from draining properly. This results in a build-up leading to unwanted bacteria, which causes an infection of the sinuses. What triggers a migraine is different from a sinus headache. It is generally affected by eating certain foods, stress, alcohol consumption, hormones, medications, sleep habits and environmental changes. Also scents, lights, smells and sounds play a role in triggering an attack.

Symptoms surrounding migraines and sinus headaches are different as well. For sinus headaches, they include a thick, yellow-ish nasal discharge, fever, pain and pressure on the sinuses and sometimes a reduced sense of smell. What makes sinus headaches worse can be the result of nasal congestion and being out in cold weather. Migraine symptoms often include being nauseated followed by vomiting, throbbing pain in the head and facial area and sensitivity to light. Symptoms can become worse than a sinus headache in addition to movement.

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