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personel bio pic Our Allergy Department at NorthEast Ear, Nose and Throat Center is professionally staffed and trained in association with the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. Services cover the evaluation and treatment of allergy as it relates to the ear, nose and throat.
personel bio pic We offer skin testing and blood tests for substances such as pollen, dust, molds and animal dander. Our physicians perform a thorough exam and order the best method based upon history and criteria.
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Skin testing is performed on site with convenient appointments available. The test begins with the prick test on the forearm followed by 28 intradermal tests on the upper arm. It takes approximately one hour and results are available immediately.  The blood test is available to patients who are taking medications that might prevent the skin from reacting during skin testing.  Blood is drawn on site and sent to a reference lab.  Results are available in one week.

personel bio pic In addition to testing, we provide on site preparation of vials, immunotherapy, patient education and teaching materials which includes tip sheets and specific instructions related to your identified allergies.
personel bio pic The allergy department is staffed Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 12:00 noon and 1:00pm - 5:00pm. No appointment is needed for allergy injections.





Allergy                        The production of symptoms through immunologic mechanisms by a substance that is not harmful in itself.


Allergic salute             Constant rubbing or scratching of the nose as if saluting. This may cause a transverse nasal crease to appear across the bridge of the nose.


Allergic shiners           Dark circles under the eyes most likely the result of pooling of venous blood as a result of tissue congestion in the layers below.


Anaphylaxis                An immunologically mediated, immediate-type, multisystem reaction that is often severe and sometimes lethal.


Antigen                       A substance capable of eliciting a response by the immune system, producing a substance (antibody) specific to the challenging substance.


Antihistamine              A drug that opposes the action of histamine.


Beta-blocker                A drug most often used in the management of hypertension and vascular headaches that blocks beta-adrenergic stimuli and may complicate allergy skin testing and immunotherapy.


Cross-reactivity           The ability of more than one antigen to react with a specific antibody due to similar or identical antigen-antibody combining sites (called epitopes).


Decongestant              An alpha-adrenergic drug used (topically or systemically) in pharmacotherapy to produce shrinkage of congested nasal mucosa.


End point                    In skin endpoint titration, the antigenic concentration at which progressive positive whealing first occurs.


Histamine                    A mediator of inflammation that plays an important role in the acute allergic response.


Immunotherapy           Regular injections with appropriate allergens to produce tolerance in the host through varied immunologic mechanisms, including an eventual drop in allergen-specific IgE and a rise in IgG.


Inhalant                       Allergy to a substance that enter the body via the respiratory tract.


Intradermal testing      Injection of a test antigen just under the outermost layer of epidermis to form a wheal.


In vitro testing            Testing by laboratory means.


Mast cell                      A cell found in respiratory and connective tissue that releases preformed and newly formed mediators of inflammation (e.g., histamine) as part of acute allergic reactions.


Molds                          A type of fungi, also called fungi imperfecta, having septae mycelia; numerous molds are potential antigens.


MQT                          Modified Quantitative Testing.  Skin testing with multiple pricks on the forearm and intradermal injections on the upper arm.


Perennial allergens      Allergens that are present virtually year-round (animals, molds).


Pollen                          A potential allergen source composed of fertilizing elements of a flowering plant.


R.A.S.T.                      Radioallergosorbent test.  A type of in vitro allergy testing utilizing radioactive isotopes.


Seasonal allergens       Allergens that are present during specific periods of the year (pollen).



Wheal                          In allergy, an elevated area on the skin surface initially produced by an intradermal injection, the ultimate size of which is also affected by cutaneous hypersensitivity and other factors.



Allergy Department Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00, Closed 12:00 - 1:00 for lunch

All build-up patients should be in the office no later than 11:30am or 4:30pm for allergy injections.

All maintenance patients should be in the office no later than 11:45am or 4:45pm for allergy injections.






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