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Hearing Test

NorthEast ENT offers comprehensive hearing aid devices and testing and various hearing services.

Hearing Booth Test Welcome to the Hearing Center of NorthEast Ear, Nose and Throat! Our goal is to provide the best hearing health care to each patient through comprehensive hearing evaluations and explanations, a highly individualized approach to the selection and fitting of state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, and easy access to our exceptional lifetime follow-up care. We are able to evaluate and repair any make and model of hearing aid and can provide each access to the latest digital hearing aid technology from a variety of hearing aid manufacturers and works closely with our patients to find the best fit for their lifestyle needs and budget.



Baby Hearing Test Each child discovers speech and hearing at a pace that is all their own. If your child has not reached the level indicated for their age group, contact Dr. James Dziadziola or Dr. Jamie Scaglione to schedule a pain free hearing test. All ages can be tested.

See more in the "A Parent's Guide To Childhood Speech and Hearing Development"


Hearing Aids


We believe everyone has individual needs and financial situations. That is why we work with a variety of manufacturers and styles of hearing aids. We work WITH YOU to find the best solution FOR YOU.




Hearing aids have improved greatly due to advances in technology and miniaturization. Our office offers a wide range of technology from low budget to high-tech. Hearing aids may be very simple - put in a battery, put them on and the work - to very complicated involving remote controls and buttons. Work with your hearing specialist to choose the right technology level for you.

*Dual Microphones - The back microphone can be shut off to help reduce background noise.

*Noise Reduction - Special technology that reduces background noise and helps you hear speech in a noisy place.

*Tinnitus Blockers - Breakthrough New technology that is FDA approved to help reduce ringing, buzzing, or rushing sounds in the ear, related to hearing loss.

*Bluetooth - Some of our hearing aids are now capable of connecting through Bluetooth directly to your telephone.

*Wireless Remotes - This is the option for the people who like to play with gadgets! This gives them more control over their hearing aids and lets the hearing aid wearer hear the TV directly through their hearing aids with a wireless link with amazing clarity.

*Wind Noise Manager - Helps to reduce noise due to wind when you're outside - for example, playing on a golf course, walking, or jogging.

*Open Fitting or High Frequency Fitting - These hearing aids are designed specifically for people with high frequency hearing loss. They are our most requested hearing instruments.

*AntiShock - Eliminates the discomfort of sudden uncomfortable noises without affecting the sounds you want to hear.


Have a BlueTooth cell phone?

This technology can be paired to any BlueTooth device, like your cell phone, iPod, computer, or GPS.

*UDirect - Hear your cell phone in BOTH ears hands free; clearer reception and transmission of sound; can be hooked to numerous BlueTooth devices.



The most expensive models are ALWAYS a choice NEVER a necessity. For those people who have many difficult listening situations and a need for optimal hearing - the high end hearing aids may be a good choice.

Low budget hearing aids are available for most people - occasionally we recommend something a bit higher priced based on the severity of the hearing loss or lack of tolerance to loud sounds.

We make paying for hearing aids easy with many available payment options.

We accept:
*Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, CareCredit

We have financing available through CareCredit if you need to make smaller payments over a longer period of time.


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Visit our Hearing Center Website.




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Travel Tips for the Hearing Impaired




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